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Use vCAD to Pre-sell models before you build them!

vCAD is a powerful tool for builders and developers that helps you sell buildings before they are built – pre-reality! With a simple upload to the secure cloud, you transform and distribute your CAD models into immersive, interactive 3D. Then, you can distribute these models through your WEB site or to a client’s phone and pre-sell units, lowering your risk by pre-selling. Here's how it works.

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Lot and Location
Place your project on the correct geographical location with custom 360 skyspheres

No need for staging and building model homes
Instead of spending thousands of dollars on real houses to show, have your future clients walk through hundreds of different options, saving you thousands!

On the Bleeding Edge with new Buyers
A 3D visual experience will make your models and designs memorable and “The millennials’ demand a quicker, slicker and tech driven world”
– Today’s Conveyancer

Sell Homes before completion

With pre-reality, homes can be shown and sold before construction has even begun.

Spatial Understanding

Homebuyers can only get so much information from a 2D image. With a fully navigable model, they will understand how they feel in the dimensions of the house.


“No rendering can do what virtual reality can,” says Moss Chief Operating Officer Paul DesRoches. “It puts the homeowner in the design, allowing them to understand all the spatial relationships between walls, ceilings, floors, openings, furniture, lighting to ensure that the space meets their functional and aesthetic needs, all before construction begins. We’re fanatical about the customer experience and try to present the most accurate information possible. Virtual reality helps us do that and reduce risks for the homeowner.”
– Washington Post

 Go ahead, fly freely through virtual space.

Explore vCAD’s 3D fly-through to experience firsthand the thrill of continuous navigation. You’ll enter a world of pre-reality, a virtual space where you can truly experience a design before it gets built out in the real world.


View this model on your mobile phone or tablet by clicking here.

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